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1015 Nostalgia Speaker – Wurlitzer Replica

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The 1015 nostalgia speakers are manufactured by hand with the same care and attention to detail. Made to compliment the 1015 jukebox in both styling and sound.The distinctive 1015 grill is manufactured using a cast made from an original 1945 Wurlitzer. The solid aluminium produced from the mould is then chrome plated and polished just like the original would have been. Behind the grill is either an aluminium speaker grill or a beautiful original style gold speaker cloth. The 1015 speakers are wired into the jukebox using the built in 14v connector to the internal distribution board and standard speaker connectors. Once connected the star illuminates bathing the speaker grills in a warm yellow glow. The speaker configuration is specifically designed to compliment the sound of the 1015 cabinet and its amplifier perfectly and features a high quality 8″ bass/mid speaker and separate tweeter system. At 300w and 8ohms speaker response these nostalgia speakers are no slouch either and have…