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B.B. King – Wails / My Kind Of Blues (2 Originele Albums) 2-LP

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My Kind Of BluesA1 You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now A2 Mr. Pawnbroker A3 Understand A4 Someday Baby A5 Driving Wheel A6 Walking Dr. Bill A7 My Own Fault, Baby B1 Catfish Blues B2 Hold That Train B3 Please Set The Date Bonus TracksB4 Blues At Midnight B5 Sneakin’ Around B6 My Baby’s Comin’ Home B7 Slow Walk B8 Bad Luck SoulB.B. King WailsC1 Sweet Thing C2 I’ve Got Papers On You, Baby C3 Tomorrow Is Another Day C4 Come By Here C5 The Fool C6 I Love You So C7 The Woman I Love C8 We Can’t Make It D1 Treat Me Right D2 Time To Say Goodbye Bonus TracksD3 If I Lost You D4 Troubles, Troubles, Troubles D5 I Want To Get Married D6 Ruby Lee D7 Don’t You Want A Man Like Me D8 Precious Lord