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Boek Fill’er Up, The Great American Gas Station Boek, Hardcover

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The days of full service gas stations are a thing of the past, but it will never be forgotten in the minds of many petroliana enthusiasts.Catchy slogans, architecture and color schemes of the station itself, incentives and giveaways, stamps, and clever advertising from the first few decades of the twentieth century until today’s fully stocked convenience stores are covered in this book. The highly detailed text also offers a glimpse of what was happening to the gas stations in Europe and serves wonderfully as a comparison with the gas stations in North America at the time. Vintage photography and advertisements provide a wonderful visual trip back in time to the days of being greeted by a smiling attendant every time you pulled into the gas station.208 paginashardcoverEngelse TaalTim Russell has had a lifelong interest in gas stations. He is a native and current resident of London, and attended college in the United States. From the time he was a young boy, he has been fascinated wi…