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Disney’s The Little Mermaid 3 Inch Mini Single – Part of Your World

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It’s time to spin a little 3″ Disney magic! Four classic songs from beloved Disney and Pixar Animations films are coming to 3″ colored vinyl, made just for the RSD3 mini-turntables.The Little Mermaid, the 1989 animated Disney classic is given credit for breathing life back into the art of Disney animation in an era referred to as the Disney Renaissance. The film won two Academy Awards for Best Original Score and Best Original Song along with two Grammy Awards and two Golden Globes. Alan Menken wrote the Academy Award winning score and collaborated with Howard Ashman on the classic original songs.These 3” vinyl singles are made for the original RSD3 Mini Turntable and the new Mini Cruiser Turntable. The Mini Cruiser Turntable is in stock in two colors choices, Tourmaline and White Sand.