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Duke Ellington – Soundtrack – Anatomy of a Murder LP

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Released in 1959, the film Anatomy Of A Murder was banned in several cities because of indecent language and its sexual and violent subject matter. But its soundtrack stood out from the start as one of the best Jazz compositions around. Evocative, alluring, eloquent, ‘it beckons like the scent of a femme fatale’…180 gram audiophile vinylSIDE A1. MAIN TITLE AND ANATOMY OF A MURDER (FEATURING – JIMMY HAMILTON, RAY NANCE)2. FLIRTIBIRD (FEATURING – JOHNNY HODGES) 3. WAY EARLY SUBTONE (FEATURING – RUSSELL PROCOPE)4. HERO TO ZERO (FEATURING – HARRY CARNEY, PAUL GONSALVES) 5. LOW KEY LIGHTLY (FEATURING – RAY NANCE) 6. HAPPY ANATOMY (FEATURING – CLARK TERRY, PAUL GONSALVES) SIDE B1. MIDNIGHT INDIGO 2. ALMOST CRIED (FEATURING – SHORTY BAKER*) 3. SUNSWEPT SUNDAY (FEATURING – JIMMY HAMILTON) 4. GRACE VALSE 2:28 5. HAPPY ANATOMY (FEATURING – THE P. I. FIVE) 6. HAUPE (FEATURING – JOHNNY HODGES) 7. UPPER AND OUTESTOne of the best movie posters transformed to an LP cover; what more could one wis…