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Golden Earring – Last Blast Of The Century 3-LP – Beperkte Oplage

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1 Just Like Vince Taylor 2 Heartbeat 3 Another 45 Miles 4 Long Blond Animal 5 Liquid Soul 7 Hold Me Now 8 Gamblers Blues 9 Twilight Zone 10 Evil Love Chain 11 Take My Hand, Close Your Eyes 12 One Night Without You 13 Paradise In Distress 14 In A Bad Mood 15 Making Love To Yourself 16 Whisper In The Crowd 17 Going To Run 18 Distant Love 19 She Flies With Strange Wings 20 Burning Stuntman 21 The Devil Made Us Do It 22 Johnny Make Believe 23 When The Lady Smiles 24 Legalize Telepathy 25 Radar Love 26 I Can’t Sleep Without YouLet op: dit betreft een beperkte oplage op goud gekleurd vinyl.