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Jukeboxes on Location Boek Hardcover

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Diner, drive-in, bar or dancing hall: They were located everywhere and stimulated the daily life with their bright colours and full sound – JUKEBOXES. Songs by Glenn Miller, Elvis, or The Beatles filled small or large rooms with their sound or played gently in the background. With more than 100 photos this illustrated book shows these style icons in their authentic locations – accompanied by people having a party, dining, posing, while waiting, dancing or just being amazed by the magic of the jukebox.144 pages, text: German & English, hardcover, size: 23.6 x 26.6 cmContent:Preface by Ron RichForewordPosing with jukeboxesYoung customersMake a selectionServiceBeing in the front rowBar scenesHappy togetherRemoteAcknowledgement… Wurlitzer 750, Rock-Ola 1478, Seeburg V200, AMI C, Seeburg K “Melody King”, Wiegandt Diplomat 120,Mills Throne of Music, Seeburg WS-2Z, AMI G200, Bing Crosby Jr Juke, Wurlitzer 1015, AMI Continental 2,Matebois E40D, Rock-Ola Commando, Seeburg Maestro, Packard …