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Miles Davis – Miles Ahead Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP

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LP 1 Side A:1. Miles Ahead2. Dialogue: “It Takes a Long Time…”3. So What4. Taylor Made5. Dialogue: “Listen, You Talk Too Goddam Much…”6. Solea (Excerpt)LP 1 Side B:7. Seven Steps to Heaven [Edit]8. Dialogue: “If You Gonna Tell a Story…” 9. Nefertiti [Edit]10. Frelon Brun11. Dialogue: “Sometimes You Have These Thoughts…”12. Duran [Take 6 Edit]LP 2 Side A:13. Dialogue: “You Own My Music…”14. Go Ahead John, Pt. 2 C15. Black Satin [Edit]16. Dialogue: “Be Musical About This Shit…”17. Prelude, Pt. 218. Dialogue: “Y’all Listening to Them…”19. Junior’s JamLP 2 Side B:20. Francessence21. Back Seat Betty (Excerpt)22. Dialogue: “I Don’t Like the Word Jazz…”23. What’s Wrong With That?24. Gone 2015