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Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel – The Early Years (Two Young Hearts Afire With The Same Desire) LP

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Tracklist:-Tom & Jerry Hey, Schoolgirl -Tom & Jerry Two Teenagers -Tom & Jerry Dancin’ Wild -Tom & Jerry Our Song -Tom & Jerry Baby Talk -Tom & Jerry That’s My Story -Tom & Jerry Don’t Say Goodbye -True Taylor True Or False -True Taylor Teenage Fool -Jerry Landis Anna Belle -Jerry Landis Loneliness -Jerry Landis Just A Boy -Jerry Landis Shy -Jerry Landis The Lone Teen Ranger -Jerry Landis The Lipstick On Your Collar -Jerry Landis Play Me A Sad Song -Jerry Landis It Means A Lot To Them -Jerry Landis I Wish I Weren’t In Love -Jerry Landis I’m Lonely -Paul Simon, Lou Simon And The Ace Trumpets (Uncle Simon’s) Tia-Juana Blues -Artie Garr Beat Love -Artie Garr Dream Alone -Artie Garr Private World -Artie Garr Forgive Me -The Mystics All Through The Night -The Mystics I Begin (To Think Of You) -Tico And The Triumphs Motorcycle -Tico And The Triumphs Wild Flower -Tico And The Triumphs I Don’t Believe Them