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Various Artists – 1960s Discovered 3 LP

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3 Albums – 6 Artists.Bob DylanSam CookeBeach BoysNeil SedakaRay CharlesElvis PresleyThe Sixties was a decade of social upheaval and social progression in America and music was at the vanguard. Slowly the old barriers seemed to be coming down. The Civil Rights Movement made its most strident protests against racial segregation at this time, and although the Civil Rights Act 1964 had come to pass, shifts in institutional attitudes had not taken place. Similarly, women demanded equality, equal pay and equal opportunities. This increasingly politicized environment gave rise to songs of protest, and Bob Dylan, Sam Cooke and Ray Charles – featured in this collection – were instrumental in this trend. And while Elvis certainly cannot be said to have played a key role in the movement, even his detractors would have to concede he did more than most to bring to prominence black music and thus breaking down barriers.This was a period in which the countercultural urge saw young people turn thei…