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Various Artists – Rockabilly Rampage Vol.1 Vinyl


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1. Charlie Gore & Louis Innis – (You Ain’t Nothin’ But A Female) Hound Dog2. Vince Maloy – In Deed I Do3. Buck Griffin – Old Bee Tree4. Don Wade – Bust Head Gin5. The Mystery Trio – Willie Joe6. The Louvin Brothers – Red Hen Hop7. Billy Barton – Day Late And A Dollar Short8. The Rockin’ Rs – Nameless9. Tunesmiths Side – Oh Stop10. Mac Curtis – Don’t you love me11. The Sounds – Bedlam12. Gene & His Blue Caps Vincent – You Told A Fib13. Blankenship Brothers – Hard Up Blues14. Andy Starr – Old Deacon Jones15. Bill & His Rockabillies Flagg – I’m So Lonely16. Denver Bill & His Ranch Hands Clarke – My Bird Dog17. Tommy & The Rhythm Rebels Blake – Mister Hoody18. Curt Jensen – Just For You